An old school LA car dealer was spending $5 million per year on TV ads.  A poll was done of his customers to see how effective their advertising was.  Clients were asked two simple questions.

  1. Does this dealer advertise on television?  95% answered “no.”
  2. How did you find this dealer? “In the yellow pages.”

A superficial analysis would make one conclude that this dealer would have been better off switching their ad budget to buy more yellow pages ads and less TV commercials.

However bear in mind that there were many other Chevy dealers in the yellow pages at that time.  There is a good reason why they gravitated to this dealer’s ads over the others.  Even though they had mentally tuned out the TV commercials their brains still had created a record of the branding and this dealer’s yellow pages ad simply FELT more familiar than the others.

In modern email marketing where a user has opted in to your list it is said that once a user has opened your emails 7 times: they have 50/50 odds of doing business with you.

The moral of the story is that repeated exposures to your brand messages vastly increases the richness of an audience contrasted with the 1:1000 odds that are typical with the Internet.

How this Applies to Facebook Marketing

Most Facebook marketers have not begun to use the custom audience feature.  Every time someone engages with your post you can add them to a custom audience that permits you to show subsequent posts to the same people over and over.

Custom Audiences Convert Your Facebook Marketing into Reusable Capital

Once you start to grow a receptive Facebook audience who has strong appreciation for your brand you are able to achieve the same kind of Madison avenue “saturation-marketing” profile that costs millions for mainline brands.

How Facebook Marketing Mixed with Brand-Love Supports Your SEO Efforts

The more familiar your Facebook audience is with your brand messages the more passionately they interact with your brand and share your content with their friends.  This activity is noticed by Google and sends “social signals” that your content is judged to be worthy by fellow flesh and blood humans.  Google has been increasingly relying on social feedback to balance out the conclusions reached by it’s spider-bot.  The sense that everyone is buzzing about your brand and your content is rocket fuel for your search engine position.

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